Same-sex marriage passed into law

Between September and November this year, Australian’s were asked whether they thought same-sex marriage should be permitted in Australia. The overwhelming result of this postal survey was that the Australian public believed that same-sex marriages should be allowed...[Read more..]

Two sides of the same story

Family law is one of the most contentious and heated areas the law has to deal with, particularly when there are children involved. There is not always a single issue that family lawyers and courts need to resolve....[Read more..]

Parental Alienation

Parental alienation is a serious issue in family law systems worldwide. Parental alienation occurs when one parent undermines the relationship of another parent (the ‘target parent’) with a child in an attempt to persuade...[Read more..]

Re Nichol – What constitutes a will?

Your last will and testament is a very important document. It is your opportunity to determine what will happen to your estate property when you die. This property may include sentimental items such as specific pieces of...[Read more..]

Law Reform Commission’s inquiry into the family law system

On behalf of the Federal Government, Attorney-General Senator George Brandis has commissioned the Australian Law Reform Commission to undertake a review of Australia’s family law system and the Family Law Act 1975. This...[Read more..]

Review of the Family Law System

In previous blog posts we have looked at some of the problems the family law system and the Family Court faces. Sarah Henderson MP, the Chair of the Standing Committee on Social and Legal Policy, agrees that these...[Read more..]

Glenn Thompson receives OAM

Glenn Thompson received the Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) at a ceremony at Government House in Canberra last Thursday. Glenn was awarded the OAM in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List 2017 for his service to family...[Read more..]

Financial Abuse: The hidden side of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a topic that we generally haven’t been comfortable tackling as a society until very recently. As recently as the 1980s in Australia a person could not be found guilty of sexually assaulting their...[Read more..]

Religious Separation and the power of Courts: Idelsohn & Idelsohn

Australia is a multicultural and diverse country. We have a vast array of ethnic and religious groups that each have their own traditions and customs. An interesting issue arises as to whether Australian courts have the...[Read more..]

The Constitution: Section 44

The Constitution is the foundation document of the Commonwealth of Australia. It symbolises a level of independence from England and the growth of Australia as a self-sustaining country. Since the 2016 Federal Election...[Read more..]