Cantrell & North and Anor [2020] FAMCAFC 175

The Full Court of the Family Court dismissed a couple’s appeal against the Supreme Court’s decision to declare an order for the transfer of property to be void. The Full Court dismissed the appeal as the parties ‘wrongfully’ obtained Consent orders in the joint quest to defeat creditors. The Full Court found that Consent orders […][Read more..]

DeLuca v Farnham [2019] FamCAFC 100

The Full Court found that the primary judge had erred in preventing overseas travel without considering the matter of Line v Line (1997) FLC 92-729 (“Line v Line”). The primary judge ruled that neither party be allowed to travel outside Australia without either obtaining the written consent of the other or an Order of the […][Read more..]

Sagilde v Magee [2018] FamCAFC 143

Procedural fairness matter A principle embedded in universal legal practice is a litigant’s right to procedural fairness in court proceedings. This includes the right of a litigant to: Know the case advanced against that party’s interest; Have the reasonable opportunity to answer that case; Have the reasonable opportunity to dispute an opponent’s case by cross-examination […][Read more..]

Masson v Parsons [2019] HCA 21

Kiefel CJ, Bell, Gageler, Keane, Nettle and Gordon JJ Edelman J (dissenting) The appellant was a friend of the first respondent however, at no time were they in a relationship. In 2006, the appellant provided his semen to the first respondent with the intention that he would be the father of the child and provide […][Read more..]

Newnhams featured in Doyles Guide

Newnhams Solicitors has been recognised as a leading ‘Family & Divorce Law Firm’ in Sydney as well as Australia-wide in 2018. Newnhams partners Glenn Thompson and John Chapple have also been recognised as ‘leading’ and ‘recommended’ family & divorce lawyers respectively. Both Glenn and John were also recommended as ‘Parenting & Children’s Matters’ lawyers...[Read more..]

Same-sex marriage passed into law

Between September and November this year, Australian’s were asked whether they thought same-sex marriage should be permitted in Australia. The overwhelming result of this postal survey was that the Australian public believed that same-sex marriages should be allowed...[Read more..]

Two sides of the same story

Family law is one of the most contentious and heated areas the law has to deal with, particularly when there are children involved. There is not always a single issue that family lawyers and courts need to resolve....[Read more..]

Parental Alienation

Parental alienation is a serious issue in family law systems worldwide. Parental alienation occurs when one parent undermines the relationship of another parent (the ‘target parent’) with a child in an attempt to persuade...[Read more..]

Re Nichol – What constitutes a will?

Your last will and testament is a very important document. It is your opportunity to determine what will happen to your estate property when you die. This property may include sentimental items such as specific pieces of...[Read more..]

Law Reform Commission’s inquiry into the family law system

On behalf of the Federal Government, Attorney-General Senator George Brandis has commissioned the Australian Law Reform Commission to undertake a review of Australia’s family law system and the Family Law Act 1975. This...[Read more..]