Saracuna & Siddele (No 5) [2-23] FedCFamC1F 166 (21 March 2023)

Issue The case heard before McClelland DCJ in Division 1 of the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia deals with the issue of whether a father could take and permit his child to receive the vaccination against COVID – 19 despite the mother’s resistance and concerns to do so. The mother sought orders in […][Read more..]

Glenn & Elaine present on the topic of Insurance and Family Law Settlements: Redundancy, Personal Injury, Trauma, Life Insurance and Income Protection

On 28 February 2023, Glenn Thompson presented on the topic of Insurance and Family Law Settlements for the St George Sutherland Regional Law Society of NSW at their annual Family Law CPD day. Glenn produced a comprehensive paper for the practitioners which accompanied the presentation. The paper delved into the case law exploring areas of […][Read more..]

The wrap up of Glenn Thompson’s Back to Basics Webinar: Keeping on the Straight and Narrow in Family Law Affidavit Drafting

Glenn Thompson OAM continues to contribute to the continuing education of practitioners in Family Law. On the 10th February 2023, Glenn presented a webinar for the Television Education Network, which provides professional development for lawyers and delegates in a variety of legal fields. The presentation Glenn conducted was focused on the foundations and basics of […][Read more..]

Elaine Clarke appointed Director

We are delighted to announce that Elaine Clarke has been appointed a Director of Newnhams Solicitors Pty Ltd. Elaine has been with Newnhams Solicitors since 2014. Elaine graduated from Macquarie University with a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Politics where she was awarded the University Prize for her achievements in the […][Read more..]

Newnhams Solicitors Incorporating on 1 July 2021

Glenn Thompson and John Chapple are excited to announce that we are incorporating on 1 July 2021 to become Newnhams Solicitors Pty Ltd. Whilst the name will change, our ability and expertise to assist clients will continue.[Read more..]

Re a Declaration Regarding Medical Treatment for “A” [2020] QSC 389

The recognition of gender dysphoria and the acceptance and normalisation of people (and especially young people) experiencing gender dysphoria has led to an increase in cases relating to young people receiving treatments.  Treatments for gender dysphoria fall into three stages.  Stage 1 treatment is puberty blocking and is a treatment which is reversible, Stage 2 […][Read more..]

Clayton v Bant [2020] HCA 44

This case was an appeal from the Full Court of the Family Court of Australia to the High Court of Australia on the question of whether divorce proceedings in the United Arab Emirates precluded proceedings in the Family Court of Australia. The High Court overturned the Full Court’s decision, thereby allowing property proceedings in Australia. […][Read more..]

Re: Imogen (No. 6) [2020] FamCA 761

The decision of Re: Imogen (No. 6) is the most recent development of the legal system’s understanding and treatment of gender dysphoria. Imogen, aged 16 years and 8 months and formerly known as Thomas, was diagnosed with gender dysphoria. She wished to progress to stage 2 gender affirming treatment after having undergone stage 1 puberty suppression […][Read more..]

Cantrell & North and Anor [2020] FAMCAFC 175

The Full Court of the Family Court dismissed a couple’s appeal against the Supreme Court’s decision to declare an order for the transfer of property to be void. The Full Court dismissed the appeal as the parties ‘wrongfully’ obtained Consent orders in the joint quest to defeat creditors. The Full Court found that Consent orders […][Read more..]

DeLuca v Farnham [2019] FamCAFC 100

The Full Court found that the primary judge had erred in preventing overseas travel without considering the matter of Line v Line (1997) FLC 92-729 (“Line v Line”). The primary judge ruled that neither party be allowed to travel outside Australia without either obtaining the written consent of the other or an Order of the […][Read more..]